64Bit Update für die Beechcraft Mentor (J. Rollon)

JRollon_T34_Mentor_xplaneNeben der Jetstream wurde auch die Beechcraft Mentor T-34C vom Team um Javier Rollon kompatibel zur 64Bit-Version von X-Plane gemacht. Das Update ist über das Kunden-Portal von x-aviation erhältlich. Genauere Instruktionen finden sich unter

X-Aviation and JRollon are proud to announce we have released a FREE update for the Beechcraft Mentor T-34c. This update will bring your Beechcraft Mentor T-34c up to version 1.11. This update applies to anyone who has purchased the Beechcraft Mentor T-34c and currently has it installed! You can install this update over any version of a currently installed Beechcraft Mentor T-34c, or as a fresh install if you do not have it currently installed.

NOTE: You may install this update over your current installation. Please note it will NOT delete your add-on paints/liveries!

Installation and download instructions:
1. Go to your X-Aviation order page here: https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/account_history.php (You may need to login).
2. Find your past order history invoice containing your Beechcraft Mentor T-34c order and click the magnifying glass icon next to it.
3. At the bottom of the invoice you'll find a download link for your Beechcraft Mentor T-34c update. It will be highlighted in blue text that says: "Beechcraft Mentor T34c".
4. Follow the prompts in the installer and enjoy your freshly upgraded Beechcraft Mentor T-34c!

The following is a list of what has been updated since the release of the Beechcraft Mentor T-34c 1.1, and is included in this update:

- 64-bit compatibility (Linux 32-bit only. Upgrade planned soon)

- Fixed and issue where the plug-in would sometimes not correctly load on Mac OS.

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