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[Update] Neues aus Bilbao

Marcus Nyberg gibt im ORBX-Forum einen Einblick in die Entwicklung seiner Bilbao-Szenerie – ebenso auch Iain Emms. Im Großen und Ganzen scheint die Szenerie fertig zu sein und geht nun in die Beta-Phase. Neben einer großen Anzahl an Vorschaubildern liefert der Entwicker im Posting auch eine erste Feature-Liste.

Diese umfasst:

– The whole city of Bilbao updated with high-resolution mesh and hand placed 300 000 – 400 000 thousand of buildings and trees (my hand still hurts).
– The Iberdrola skyscraper with its helipad, fully functional of course.
– High resolution mesh
– The whole harbour with industries, ships, windturbines, etc.
– High resolution photoscenery for the whole city.
– BILBAO AIRPORT. Yes, sorry, that was probably the most important thing!
We have worked so, so much on this and it’s been a huge challenge with the advanced architecture and terrain. But yeay, we made it!
– Internal modeling of the main terminal
– Moving gates
– Lot’s of small details, people, vehicles.
– Tanker ship with landable helipad.

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