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29 Palms und Captain7 informieren…

,dass die Umsetzung des Nürnberger Flughafens gut voranschreitet. Die Gebäude sind zu ca. 80% fertig und die komplette Stadt wird auch umgesetzt. Außerdem wird man in naher Zukunft ein Update für Skiathos veröffentlichen, allerdings wird dies die realen baulichen Maßnahmen nicht berücksichtigen. Diese werden erst in einer komplett neuen Version zu finden sein.

Hi everyone, sorry that it has been so quite around here lately! NUE is the new BER? That’s what you may think, but we’re making steady progress and the airport buildings are around 80% done. We could have made it easier for us and just develop the airport but the whole city will be depicted as well with plenty of important landmarks.

What else? Well, there is our new website (29palms.de), we hope that you like it! And a (yet) secret collaboration is on the way with a very well known developer. News about that will be released shortly.

Another note: An update for Skiathos has been requested very often during the past weeks and we decided to upgrade it to a certain point in the near future with an installer and the new software so that it will be compatible with all simulators. But the update won’t include all the new changes happening at the real airport. That will be part of a completely new version of Skiathos which is due this year. Sounds good?

Have a nice week and all the best,


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